On the nature of existence. On-line Lecture with Charlotte Harkness, UK. 22 january 2022 10-12

SEPT has decided to host a series of lectures where we will focus on central subjects in existential counselling and psychoterapy. These lectures will take place on Zoom as long as the threat from Covid remains. We hope that during 2022 it will be possible to have these lectures as real-life events and mini-conferences. This event is the second in order.

On The Nature of Existence 
22 januari 2022. Time: 10-12 with Charlotte Harkness

Welcome to a Lecture on Zoom with Charlotte Harkness, She will reflect and further develop thoughts and perspectives from her book:

The Nature of Existence:  Health, Wellbeing and the Natural World. London: Red Globe Press, 2019. (A rewiev of the book in Swedish in the journal Psykoterapi, 4, 44-47, available here.)

Dr. Charlotte Harkness book is a much appreciated version of her doctoral dissertation . She presents an expanded perspective on our relationship with the physical dimension, our relation with nature and things and how it affects our physical ans psycological helth. There will be time for questions and comments..

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About Charlotte Harkness:

Dr. Charlotte Harkness is a UKCP registered existential psychotherapist and academic. She began her psychotherapy career nearly twenty years ago when she studied person-centred counselling and she began her practice at Cambridge University as a student counsellor. Charlotte’s original undergraduate studies were in music and philosophy and from there, in 2009, she joined New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC) to embark on the psychotherapy doctoral programme. Her doctoral research, supervised by Prof. Emmy van Deurzen and Dr. Rosemary Lodge, focussed on an existential formulation of transformative experiences in nature. From this research she went on to write The Nature of Existence which was published in 2017. Charlotte is a keen long-distance walker and has experienced and valued the therapeutic nature of wild, landscapes for as long as she can remember. It was only during her doctoral studies that she began to consider more seriously the particular quality of the human-nature relationship – something she had previously taken for granted. When Charlotte achieved her doctorate she began to work at NSPC as deputy course leader for the DProf and from there she moved to University of Surrey. Charlotte is now Head of Psychological Services at St Nicholas Hospice Care in Suffolk, UK and is an independent academic and an associate lecturer and supervisor at NSPC and Regent’s University. She is currently focusing on writing a book about the nature of grief.

The current era of climate crisis demands that we take seriously our relationship with our planet. At the same time we are becoming more and more segregated from our natural world. Shining a light on this relationship and our own nature is vital for both our own and our planet’s healing. This essential idea underpins and upholds Charlotte’s current research and practice.

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