220409 Passionate Geometries, Lecture with Dr. Manu Bazzano

SEPT has decided to host a series of lectures where we will focus on central subjects in existential counselling and psychoterapy. These lectures will take place on Zoom as long as the threat from Covid remains. We hope that during 2022 it will be possible to have these lectures as real-life events and mini-conferences. This event is the second in order.

Passionate Geometries
9 April 2022 Time: 10-12 Manu Bazzano

Can reason and passion coexist? Can reason be inscribed within the pantheon of drives, instincts and affects which constellate the psyche – as one drive among others rather than the sole and supreme ruler? Sartre used the term ‘passionate geometries’ to describe a radical ethical stance and style of writing: Bataille, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Helene Cixous and Pascal would fit that category with their intensely personal, off-the-record accounts of human experience mixed with philosophical reflections. None of these texts would of course meet the approval of your academic research supervisor – unless a miraculous breach opens in the mummified neoliberal world of psychotherapy practice and research. Can reason and passion co-exist in the world of psychotherapy?

Dr Manu Bazzano is an author, psychotherapist/supervisor and internationally recognized lecturer and facilitator. He has a background in philosophy and rock music. His latest book is Nietzsche and Psychotherapy (Routledge, 2019). Subversion and Desire (Routledge) will come out in October 2022.


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